2 = familiar, conversational, familial, old friend, family-oriented, colloquial, homey [homier -comp., homiest -sup.].
Ex. For anyone involved with online searching, the equipment needed for electronic mail will be familiar: in addition to the microcomputer itself (which is the terminal), an acoustic coupler or modem will be needed.
Ex. The old expressions 'spin a yarn', 'weave a tale' suggest the anecdotal, conversational quality that must be striven for by the storyteller.
Ex. These librarians are thoroughly sensitised to the social, familial, ethnic, economic and political characteristics of the people in their neighbourhoods.
Ex. The Web's full embrace of constant change means that even old friend sites may be unrecognisable after technology facelifts.
Ex. Middleborns tend to be less family-oriented than firstborns or lastborns.
Ex. Assembler is the colloquial term for assembly language which lies between the low-level machine code and high-level languages.
Ex. However, his attempt to make cultural and social history more accessible to a wider audience by adopting a homey, jokey style often seems counterproductive.
* asunto familiar = family affair.
* ayuda familiar = family income supplement, family worker.
* centro de planificación familiar = family planning clinic.
* coche familiar = family car.
* conflicto familiar = family conflict.
* desintegración familiar = family breakdown.
* dicho familiar = familiar saying.
* genealogía familiar = family genealogy.
* historia familiar = family history.
* lazo familiar = family bond.
* lazos familiares = family ties.
* lenguaje familiar = colloquial language, familiar language.
* negocio familiar = family-run business.
* nido familiar = family nest.
* permiso por razones familiares = family leave.
* planificación familiar = family planning.
* reliquia familiar = heirloom.
* responsabilidades familiares = family responsibilities.
* restaurante familiar = family restaurant.
* reunión familiar = family gathering.
* ser familiar = strike + familiar chords.
* servicio auxiliar de apoyo familiar = respite care.
* tiempo familiar = quality time.
* tradición familiar = family tradition.
* VHS (Sistema de Vídeo Familiar) = VHS (Video Home System).
* vida familiar = family life.
* violencia familiar = domestic violence.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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